Scarlet Ibis symbolism essay

September 28, 2017

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James Hurst, the writer of “The Scarlet Ibis, ” filled his story with symbols delivering the readers with helpful tips for the literal and figurative value of occasions. The narrator, a mature and hopefully smarter Brother and also the brother or sister from the character Doodle, attempts to assuage his guilt and simultaneously, lead the crowd through his reminiscences of his brother’s existence and dying. It's from Brother’s view the readers catches the wonder and tragedy from the story.


Through his utilisation of the color “red, ” the writer denotes feelings both personal and universal. The writer offers Doodle “red.” Hurst further produces the unanimous value of color to understand feelings. Within this story, the colour red-colored, which often are related the minds of courage, dying, and love hooking up the boy- towards the brother- to character. Additionally towards the denotative meanings of those words, the narrator leads the readers with the many symbolic purposes of the colour within the story: the gorgeous damaged bird is really a damaged vase of red-colored flowers the tree that Brother sees at first from the story may be the “bleeding tree” that the ibis falls to his dying Doodle dies before a red-colored nightshade rose bush that has red-colored poisonous berries frequently connected with dying. When Brother finds his “Scarlet ibis, ” he describes Doodle using these words:

“’Doodle, Doodle.’” There is no answer however the ropy rain. I started to be sad, and also the tear blurred vision in red-colored before me looked very familiar.”

In the red-colored and scarlet references, the readers can visualize and produce to existence the story’s occasions. Figuratively, this color freezes over time the key tableaus.

”He have been bleeding in the mouth, and the neck and also the front of his shirt were stained an excellent red-colored. “

From his symbolic comparison of Doodle towards the ibis, the readers sees the “bleeding tree, ’ the coffin, that old Lady Swamp, and also the dying from the bird and also the son.

The Ibis

“The Scarlet Ibis is not only the title. The gorgeous bird frames the storyline using its representation from the older, guilt-ridden Brother furthermore, the ibis signifies Doodle. Both figures don't fit on the planet that surrounds them, yet, both die with dignity and sweetness. The ibis is regarded as an endangered species due to losing the rainforest in South Usa. Such as the ibis, Doodle doesn't belong in the atmosphere: physically he's misshaped his learning is backwards with no needs everything from him.


Because the family watches the bird within the cycle of dying, Brother provides the needed visualization for that scene:

“Its [the bird] elegant neck jerked two times after which straightened out out, and also the bird was still…even dying couldn't marly its beauty.”

Doodle in most of his outward ugliness finds pleasure in the surroundings. He loves and it is loved. Despite long lasting frequently harsh treatment, Doodle loved undoubtedly. Still, Brother, embarrassed with Doodle, torments him and non-stop leads him to his dying.

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