Transition Words for a persuasive essay

May 19, 2016

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Students are requested to do three major tasks:
  1. Understand and explore new types of transition words
  2. Examine how transition test is utilized in an editorial or persuasive essay
  3. Write their very own persuasive essay using transition words.


Note: Teacher may decide to supply editorial or persuasive essay, especially if it may connect with some current event or class subject.

Individual: Lesson as given "Challenge" section could be designated or overlooked according to degree of students or time period.

Select Few: Students collaborate by ?chain writing? an editorial or persuasive piece. This is often on paper or aloud each student adds a brand new sentence which needs to start with a suitable transition word.

Whole class: Since transition test is part of using language persuasively, this lesson does apply to many different types of writing including letters of complaint, editorials, recommendations, etc. instructors may bring within an essay for college students to create about.

ESL/LEP: The lesson as given is excellent for ESL/LEP students. Assistance to simplify the transition word list to just a few good examples rather than the greater extensive list provided within the student lesson.

Level III, grades 6-8

Uses the overall abilities and methods from the reading through process (S. 5), including using a number of methods to increase vocabulary, improve knowledge of definitions, and compare and verify words meanings, shades of meaning, and word variations in context (S. 5.3)

Knows specific products a writer uses to complete their purpose (e.g., persuasive techniques, style, literary form or genre) (S. 5.5)

Reflects on which continues to be learned after reading through and formulates ideas, opinions, and private reactions to texts (S. 5.6)

Uses reading through abilities and methods to know and interpret a number of educational texts (S. 7), including magazines and ads (S. 7.1)


Note 1: The factors utilized in these training stick to the McREL recommendations, focusing on grades 6-8, mainly within the Language Arts (writing, reading through, listening, and speaking). Abbreviated Standards are right here.
Using Transition Words & Phrases
Using Transition Words & Phrases
Transition words, Empathy piece and Essay writing
Transition words, Empathy piece and Essay writing
Essay 1 Lecture 3 Adding Transition Words
Essay 1 Lecture 3 Adding Transition Words
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