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April 15, 2016

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Romeo wanders the roads of Mantua, mulling on the dream he'd the evening before where Juliet was dead. Then, Balthasar arrives from Verona using the news of Juliet's apparent suicide.

Romeo immediately orders Balthasar to organize a equine so he is able to hurry to Verona and find out Juliet's body. Meanwhile, he creates instructions for Balthasar to offer to The almighty Montague, explaining the problem. Finally, before he leaves Mantua, Romeo buys some poison from the poor Apothecary.

Act Five, Scene Two

In Verona, Friar John, who had been designed to provide the letter to Romeo telling him concerning the plan, apologizes to Friar Laurence for his lack of ability to accomplish the job. Apparently, throughout his journey, many people thought that Friar John transported the pestilence (the plague) and locked him inside a house.

Friar Laurence knows that this new wrinkle derails his plan, so he immediately orders a crowbar to ensure that he is able to save Juliet in the Capulet tomb.

Act Five, Scene Three

Mournful Paris and the Page stand guard at Juliet’s tomb to ensure that nobody will take advantage of the vault. Romeo and Balthasar arrive, and Paris attempts to restrain Romeo, who is centered on entering the tomb. Paris recognizes Romeo because the guy who wiped out Tybalt, and thinks he originates to desecrate Juliet's corpse. Their argument gets worse right into a sword fight, and Romeo kills Paris. Paris' Page rushes off to fetch the town Watchmen.

Romeo opens the tomb and finds Juliet's body. Naturally devastated, he sits alongside his beloved and drinks the Apothecary’s poison, kisses Juliet, after which dies. Meanwhile, Friar Laurence gets to the Capulet tomb to locate Paris’s body outdoors the doorway.

As planned, the concoction wears off and Juliet energizes within the tomb, finding Romeo's dead body beside her. When she sees the poison, she realizes what is happening. She kisses Romeo hoping the poison will kill her too, however it does not work. From outdoors the tomb, Friar Laurence begs Juliet to exit the vault and flee, but she selects to kill herself with Romeo’s dagger.

Soon after that, Prince Escalus arrives, supported through the City Watchmen and also the patriarchs from the feuding families. The almighty Montague announces that Lady Montague has died from the damaged heart consequently of Romeo's banishment. Friar Laurence then describes what is happening to Romeo and Juliet, and Balthasar provides the Prince the letter from Romeo, which verifies the Friar's tale.

To atone for Juliet's dying, The almighty Montague offers to erect a golden statue of her its Verona to admire. To not be surpassed, Capulet offers to perform the same for Romeo. The Prince finishes the abide by honoring the finish from the feud, but lamenting the deaths from the youthful enthusiasts, declaring, "For was not ever a tale more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo" (5.3.308-9).


Because the plot of Romeo and Juliet spirals to the mournful finish, you can easily forget the story happens on the couple of days. Regardless, Romeo and Juliet are extremely clear on their love they decide to accept dying instead of being separated. As noted within the Analysis for Act 3, Romeo and Juliet mature substantially during the period of the play, and discover to simply accept the tragic fringe of existence more fully than their parents can.

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