Brown v Board of Education essay

September 15, 2015

Brown v. Board of Education

Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography includes details about related Web assets and teacher materials, in addition to fiction and non-fiction books for kids, teenagers, and grown ups.

Brown v. Board of your practice Timeline

The timeline provides an introduction to occasions associated with Brown v. Board of your practice, from 1849-2003.

Project Essay (.pdf)
This essay by project co-curator Alonzo Cruz evolves a few of the major styles presented within the Separate Isn't Equal: Brown v. Board of your practice exhibition and Site.

Teacher’s Guide
The teacher’s guide complements the curriculum from Renovation with the Civil Privileges Movement from the sixties to today. Each unit starts with history for that teacher in line with the museum’s Separate Isn't Equal: Brown v. Board of your practice exhibition. Following a narrative are recommended lesson plans. All the training address the historic thinking standards of chronological thinking, historic comprehension, historic analysis and interpretation, and historic issues and decision-making. Together with the guide you'll find images, teacher briefing sheets, ands student giveaways that is included with each unit.

Two 50 minute broadcasts, one for junior high school students and something for students were broadcast on the web on May 19, 2004. The aged area outings incorporate a special tour from the exhibition by curators Alonzo Cruz and Harry Rubenstein, film footage in the exhibition, along with a Q&A session between curators, and college children from round the country.

The Museum invites students for connecting with individuals, ideas, and occasions of history with an exciting variety of standards-based programs.

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