A technical essay

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A creator of the essay genre is M. Montaigne (“Experiments”, 1580). This genre has become popular in recent years. Today essay is offered as a task quite often. It is one of the main components of documentation package (for matriculation to an educational institution or employment). Essay contest helps to choose the best from a variety of the best! It is very important to correctly apply the categories of analysis and skillfully use the techniques of comparison and generalization to analyze the concern of concepts and phenomena.

The theme should correspond to the technical field, for example, water pump accessories, electricity mains and its functions, central heating pump and others. The writer should be able to explain alternative views on the problem under consideration and come to a balanced conclusion and use the range of information space (a student uses a large number of different sources of information), give a personal assessment of the problem, reasonably interpret the text information with the help of illustrations.

The construction of judgments is highly respected: clarity and preciseness of presentation; logic of structuring arguments; putting forward theses are accompanied by competent argumentation; various points of view and their personal assessment; the general form of presentation of the results and their interpretation corresponds to the genre of the problem scientific article. Format of the work must also meet the requirements: format and use of quotations; compliance with lexical, phraseological, grammatical and stylistic norms of the literary language; format of the text with full compliance with the rules of spelling and punctuation; format of the file and letter, etc. According to these rules, the student will definitely write a great essay.

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