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Best Christmas present from Ophena for equestrian sports enthusiasts

What is the best gift for a rider for the New Year or Christmas? Of course, equestrian equipment for convenience and safety with a great design. Not sure what it could be? Of course the best quality Ophena S safety stirrups and a saddle pad. But it’s worth considering, do you really want to buy only one set for your friend? Perhaps when you unpack the package, you want to keep everything for yourself.

First magnetic stirrups Ophena S

Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups appeared not so long ago, but immediately gained popularity among equestrian athletes. They are preferred by both amateurs and professionals. It doesn’t matter where you ride: in the arena, in the field, on the road or other surface, it is important that you are safe. Magnetic safety stirrups look stylish and modern. Why magnetic? Magnets with different poles are inserted into the insole and stirrup to connect each other and provide you with a reliable ride. These stirrups are ideal for evening attendees, competitors and even dressage riders. You can purchase them in in silver and onyx black.

New Ophena S Pro

However, if you really want the latest model, the Ophena S Pro is worth a look. These safety stirrups are not very different from the previous ones and have the same magnet and operating principle. They are also available in silver and black onyx. But the main difference lies in the diamond grip made from hardened aerospace-grade aluminum. This model will be indispensable when riding in rain and other precipitation, which complicates the ride for the sportsmen.

Stylish saddle pad

Those riders who are satisfied with the quality of the stirrups want to buy saddle pads, which look harmoniously together with the magnetic stirrups and are equally comfortable. You can choose almost any color, and honeycomb design makes this purchase even more stylish.

Image by Dorota Kudyba from Pixabay

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