Quality of the equipment: think about it before printing

Quality of the equipment: think about it before printing

Printing is some kind of production. Like any production it consists of different stages. All of them are important, but the printing process is considered the most important among them. You can write an amazing essay, publish an excellent book, come up with an incredible design, an unusual binding, maintain the format to microns, but poor-quality printing will spoil everything. Therefore, you need to know all the nuances of this process and equipment. ONCE-TECH will help you to choose a good one.

There are several types of printing equipment that are used depending on the format, circulation and purpose of printing products:

  • Printing machines for gravure printing
  • Offset Printing Machines
  • Screen Printing Machines
  • Flexographic Printing Machines
  • Printing machines for combined printing
  • Color digital printing devices
  • Risographs

Screen printing, or silk screen printing, is probably the most versatile printing technology. The range of products produced using screen printing is unusually wide – it includes souvenirs, packaging, textiles, postcards, labels, posters, publishing and various representative products.

Screen printing is a technology in which ink is transferred to the printed material by forcing it through screen printing elements.

The advantages of screen printing can be divided into two groups: technological and design. The most significant technological advantage of bottle screen printing machine is ability to reproduce images on a wide range of materials and surfaces of different geometric shapes. The design advantages of the screen printing method include possibility of applying a large layer of paint layer which allows you to get saturated colors on the prints.

Image by juanjo fernandez from Pixabay

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