The best toys by all accounts

In ancient times, toys were made from the simplest materials: clay or wood. Figures from Ancient Egypt have survived to our time, so their history goes back thousands of years.

When the Egyptians created toys for their children, they took as a basis the realities of the world around them. So there were predators, hunting prey, cows, people of different professions. In Egypt, the first figures were invented with the mechanism of movement, tiger and crocodile opened their mouth, slave kneaded dough with the help of wire.

In Australia, toys were also made of wood. Australian animals figurines were particularly popular. Wood is able to keep the soul of nature. They were symbols of the continent, even  talismans. Currently, parents continue to give their children toy Australian animals.

A wooden toy is a great tool for mental and aesthetic, moral and physical education. Everyone knows that wood is the most environmentally friendly material. Toys made of wood in addition to environmental friendliness have many other advantages:

  • They have pleasant aroma of wood.
  • They are hard, but pleasant to touch.
  • Child is not able to bite off a piece of the toy, which means that he will not choke.
  • Tree does not damage children’s teeth.
  • Wooden toys are handmade. Thus, masters put a piece of their soul in each individual instance.
  • Toys made of wood are very simple, so they are very popular with kids.
  • Wooden toys are much stronger than plastic ones, so they are durable. Be sure that buying a good wooden toy, you save your finances.

Wooden toys are made in a huge variety, so you can choose a toy for your baby according to his age. There is no need to hurry because the older child toy can be useful, but if it contains small parts, it can be dangerous for a younger child.

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