Timing is running out: what is to be done

Timing is running out: what is to be done

Deadline is near, but the work has not been ready yet. The customer is interested: “How are you? Do you have time before Tuesday? ” You understand that there are almost no chances to be in time, switch to emergency mode with sleepless nights and coffee, scolding yourself, why you haven’t done it in advance, moreover, your dog scratched the car’s interior. What is to be done?

The basis of time management is to set realistic, achievable goals, which are divided into smaller ones – smart tasks that are limited in time. In fact, this is a phased deadline. Sometimes the task seems completely impossible, too complicated, in this case you need to remember the famous words of Lao Tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”, and begin to act, dividing the process into small feasible segments.

Suspend all surrounding people for a while, so as not to interfere, lock the dog in the next room, turn off the TV, do not use social networks, and fix car interior (it is really embarrassing to pick up your girlfriend in such a mess) with angelus paint uk. But do not forget which shade to give preference to. If interior painting is planned exclusively in the restoration spirit, take the trouble to find a company catalog with the distribution of the colors of the insides and exteriors by VIN numbers.

In order not to disrupt the deadlines, it is necessary to learn tasks ranking. Usually there are several types of tasks in the schedule of any person. Even if you write them in a column and gradually begin to cross out the completed ones, it is not a fact that you will effectively distribute your time and energy. You need to be able to systematically approach the business. Do not waste your nerves, learn to plan your actions and deal with stress.

Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay

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